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Walker Boh

I started doing TAS's sometime in march last year (2004). This means I've been doing this for ~a year now. I really like this because when I was a kid gaming was my biggest hobby. And then it just never died. I really like what this site has become and I want to thank Bisqwit for this!

Im currently 22 years old and im studying at the university in Uppsala, Sweden. Im studying "DVP = Datavetenskapliga programmet" which roughly translated is "Computer science program". This means studies takes loads of time and thus I can´t TAS as much as I did before. Both good and bad I guess ;)

I was thinking about putting up my future projects here if anyone is interested in that. I will make those eventually if noone makes them before me. Then I'll just leave it because I don´t like to "steal" other peoples movies. This has happend though but I hope I didn´t upseted anyone that much. Well, here here we go.

I thought I should add what im about to do next. So here it is ;)

Upcoming project;

Improving stuffs. Maybe do Willow.

Planned time attacks for the future (in no specific order):



Master System

That´s the games I can remember now. I'll add more games later on if I can come up with more ideas.

/Walker Boh

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