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Greetings, I'm the Warepire, a morbidly disturbed and slightly insane creature.
I moderate the Hourglass development sub-forum. I'm also one of the project owners for Hourglass-Resurrection, a fork of Hourglass-win32 which was created by nitsuja.

The main goal of Hourglass-Resurrection is to improve the framework, making it more stable on Windows Vista+, and also to get more games working by improving existing code, and adding more features.
I occasionally also search for RAM addresses or create simpler Lua scripts for various games that interest me. Check my user files to see if I got anything for a game, and if I don't, well, then I either haven't gotten to it, there's better stuff available already, or I don't really care for the game
Future projects include:
  • Getting PCSX2 (or another PS2 emulator if one comes along) to a state where it's worth adding TAS tools to it.
  • Actually TASing something.
There's also a set of games for which I'd really like to see TASes made, and for some I'd help with planning and research:
console game category
snes Alcahest
snes The Lost Vikings II "normal mode"
snes Sk├╝ljagger
snes Terranigma
gba Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure
gba Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced "100%"
dos Chip's Challenge
dos Quarantine 2: Road Warrior
psx Blasto
psx Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time "100%"
psx Crash Bandicoot "100%", no zip-zag
psx Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back "100%", no zip-zag
psx Destruction Derby 2 "all kills, all arenas"
psx Kingsley's Adventure
psx Overboard!
psx Populous: The Beginning
psx Silent Bomber
psx Wip3out
gc Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex "100%"
ds Henry Hatsworth And The Puzzling Adventure
Whenever I have my computers online, I am signed on IRC, both the #tasvideos channel and the #hourglass channel (also on Freenode). Otherwise I'd recommend using PMs.

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