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Youtube Uploader


YouTube Uploader is a portable application made by Nach in April 2012 for easing the process of uploading files to YouTube. The program is frequently referred to as ytu.








The testing team:

Documented Undocumented Features

You can create settings.txt where you can add 3 lines for certain settings.

  1. IP Version (IPv4/IPv6).
  2. Debugging Enabled.
  3. Speed to throttle to.

If IP Version is not set (empty or non existent line), or is not a recognized entry, than any IP version supported by the system will be used, without preference being given to version 4 or version 6.

If debugging is not set, then the application will function as usual. However if it is on, then the network connection will be fully debugged. The following info will be printed:

For throttling, specify the maximum amount of bytes that should be transferred per second.

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