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Hi there! I am a lazy speedrunner with a (very improvable) run published on SDA and am a vested editor here at TASVideos. I plan on submitting more speedruns to SDA in the near future. I enjoy watching TASes as much as speedruns, but since I still don't have enough motivation to make a TAS myself, I try to help the site by giving tips for games I know well (not many) and keeping the information found in publications and wiki pages as clear and accurate as possible. I avoid watching runs of games I plan to play, and there are many such games, so I haven't enjoyed the majority of the most praised speedruns and TASes yet.

I have always loved video game competition. My first contact with speedrunning was via The Sonic Center (I am currently one of the administrators of TSC). I think most Sonic games make for amazing speedruns and TASes (especially the still-not-completely-broken 2D ones), because it feels like they are developed with speedrunning in mind.

TASes I would like to watch


17:45 <Zeupar> toothache: are you around? 17:47 <erokky> no he's 17:47 * erokky puts on glasses 17:47 <erokky> A TRAPEZOID 17:47 <erokky> YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH 17:47 <erokky> guys laugh 17:47 <erokky> please laugh 17:47 <erokky> guys 17:50 * Repiphany (~Jay@unaffiliated/repiphany) ha entrado en #tasvideos 17:50 * Funnyhair (ad34de6b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. ha entrado en #tasvideos 17:51 <erokky> speaking of funny 17:51 <Funnyhair> hahahahaah

21:07 <Zeupar> Cheetahmen porn. 21:07 <Zeupar> Chubby porn. 21:07 <Mothrayas> those totally exist btw

08:51 <fsvgm777> "007: Agent Under Fire uses the VP6 video codec, common in Electronic Arts' titles, causing it's videos to have vertical line artifacts and other glitches on NVIDIA graphics cards." 08:51 <fsvgm777> Fuck. 08:53 <fsvgm777> Guess I'm out for this one. 08:54 <fsvgm777> (sadly) 08:54 <Zeupar> Okay. Thank you for looking into it. 08:55 <fsvgm777> (PS: Fuck you, EA) 08:55 <Zeupar> European Asshole? 08:56 <Zeupar> :(

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