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About me

Hi, welcome to my homepage. I'm zggzdydp, 24 years old, come from China. I joined the site in Sep, 2006. The first TAS I watched is Phil and Genisto's Super Castlevania 4 for SNES, I was so surprised that can't believe a game can be played so superbly! Later, I knew it's a tool-assisted movie, so I tried to make some Castlevania movies (I like the series : D ), now I want to do some runs of other game as well. By the way, many people said my nickname is very strange... actually, it's initialism of Chinese.

My published movies

[937] GB Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge (USA) by zggzdydp in 25:39.7: the game is a little bad because the character moves slow, but the run is not so bad.

Runs I like watching

Runs/wips I look forward to

What I'm working on

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