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Current projects for Zurreco:

GBA Boktai - Bisqwit said we could use a hacked ROM that allows you to control the sun sensor. Once I figure out how to properly remove the header from said ROM (or just find a headerless version), the run will come along shortly.

I have some ideas for a few DS games, such as Knights in the Nightmare and Megaman ZX, but those are just ideas at the moment.

Still working on PC Diablo 2 Paladin run, but currently planning a restart once 1.13 hits.

R.I.P. Picard Song ;_;

Future projects:

None, but I will entertain suggestions. Keep in mind that I'm no longer as active on the site as I used to be, as per a few personal reasons.

Movies I would like to see:

SNES Pilotwings
SNES Metal Warriors 2
GBA Megaman Battle Network(s)
Hexen 64
Bomberman 64 (any%)
Bomberman Hero
A few other nameless games.

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