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#33691566749055448 - SMB3 Battle Mode watch file
SMB3BattleModeMemoryOrder.wch (502B Memory watch file)
Uploaded 2016-09-17 06:59:50 by dwangoAC (41 files)
For NES Super Mario Bros. 3 (3 files)
7801 views, 310 downloads
This file shows the SMB3 battle mode in memory order.
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#10240438833533844 - SMB3 optimized through level 2 (then desyncs)
SMB3 optimized 2.fm2 (845kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-10-27 03:54:25 by Bobo the King (7 files)
For NES Super Mario Bros. 3 (3 files)
In 10:25.62 [37599 frames], 0 rerecords)
12074 views, 348 downloads
I ran my optimization script on LordTom, Mitjitsu, and Tompa's Super Mario Bros. 3 run. It removed about 1/3 of all inputs. However, it desyncs after two levels because enemies are on some spurious timer that isn't affected by frames but rather by the user's input.

I swear it's not a problem with the script! I just need to analyze the game's RAM more thoroughly!

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#3680901296483991 - Super Mario Bros 3 warpless
smb3-warpless.fcm (88.8kB fcm movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-01-04 18:02:53 by Soig (17 files)
For NES Super Mario Bros. 3 (3 files)
In 28:50.2 [103983 frames], 39346 rerecords)
14149 views, 386 downloads
Sorry, I deleted it accidentally just now... So I reupload it now.

Ps: I wish that my run can help the authors who are TASing this game(such as Lord Tom, Mitjitsu, etc.) beat existing record successfully!

Old description:

I improved a little. And this is an unfinished movie.

World 1, 2 frames faster.

World 2, in 2-pyramid, I improved about 4 frames.

In 3-hammer, Mario can kill upward hammer without fireball. But I didn't do that. Because I found that after this stage...

In 4-2, I got P-speed faster.

In 4-6, I've tried a lot of times to get a card earlier than star. But it failed. Due to 1 less x pixel...

I guess that in 8-ship 1, it can be faster. Like warped run - push Mario ahead to get into pipe earlier.

But I can't determine if this way is suitable in 8-tank 1. Because Mario can't fly like warped run...

Other improvement maybe appear:

Author should use corner boosting and ceiling boosting. Especially ceiling boosting!

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