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#59217185119935877 - Doom: Struggle AL - Map 1 UV-Max TAS
sg01x117.lmp (11.0kB lmp movie [DOOM])
Uploaded 2019-11-10 20:17:42 by Dimon12321 (36 files)
For DOOM Doom II: Hell on Earth (5 files)
In 01:19.48 [2782 frames], 0 rerecords)
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  • Skill 3
  • 1 players
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#58251241262087653 - Eternal Doom - Map 16 UV-Max TAS in 3:06
et81.lmp (27.5kB lmp movie [DOOM])
Uploaded 2019-09-28 08:15:26 by Dimon12321 (36 files)
For DOOM Doom II: Hell on Earth (5 files)
In 03:20.01 [7001 frames], 0 rerecords)
648 views, 52 downloads
  • Skill 3
  • 1 players
  • Warning: Starts from map 16

(Link to video)

Watch other Eternal Doom TASes here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3V0eG1j-1vIfBNug6g8HF0UD6Cxtb-lW

WAD: Eternal III Filename: ETERNALL.wad Tags: UV-Max, TAS Walkthrough: Map 16 - Guardstation Source port: PrBoom+ Playback command*: D:\prboom-plus-\glboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file ETERNALL.wad -playdemo et16x306.lmp

This is a tool-assisted speedrun that devestates Map 16 very quickly. It was recorded in PrBoom+, but most damage manipulations and difficult sections were made in XDRE 2.20.

  • - To playback the demo, you should make a shortcut of glboom-plus.exe and paste the commands in the Target field at the end of
your glboom-plus route. So concerns prboom-plus.exe if you wish it to playback a demo.

------ Comments ------

Despite the fact this map is placed in the middle of Episode 3, it was designed as the 1st map of it when Eternal Doom II came out. Afterwards, when Eternal III came out, the map was moved to the middle of Episode 3. You can consider it as a relaxing map because it's much easier than Map 15. Therefore, all you have here are shotguns and chainguns with appropriate crowds of monsters to kill with.

At the beginning, my first goal was to kill a chaingunner (thing 75) and acquire a chaingun for more effecient monster devestation before finding a berserk kit. When I played the map for the first time, I didn't know that linedef 1124 is activatable, so I was just messing around with no clue what to do.

Because of poor manipulations in the huge room with metal fences, I didn't manage to make monsters infight. The Baron (thing 103) wasn't attacking anybody. Trapped revenant (thing 198) was another problem because it's almost impossible to punch him through the fence, so I had to shoot him. Also I should have shooted his neighbour (thing 197) as well instead of running all over to him and punching. That would save 2 secs, I guess.

The rest of run is self-explanatory. Had to do plenty of manipulations with Baron of Hell (thing 235) in the small room with a lift. Also I found nothing better than shooting a Hell Knight (thing 294) on the top of a box. Too bad you can't punch him out.

Most monsters are made to ambush players. If they were not deaf, I would definitely kill them faster.

Overall time: 3:06 (186.09)

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#57151121414523724 - Eternal Doom - Map 3 UV-Max TAS in 5:11
et03x511.lmp (44.7kB lmp movie [DOOM])
Uploaded 2019-08-09 19:11:44 by Dimon12321 (36 files)
For DOOM Doom II: Hell on Earth (5 files)
In 05:25.83 [11405 frames], 0 rerecords)
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  • Skill 3
  • 1 players
  • Warning: Starts from map 3

(Link to video)

WAD: Eternal III

Filename: ETERNALL.wad

Walkthrough: Map 3 - Inter-Base

Source port: PrBoom+

Playback command: D:\prboom-plus-\glboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -complevel 2 -file ETERNALL.wad -playdemo et03x511.lmp

This is a tool-assisted speedrun that devestates Map 3 as fast as possible. It was recorded in PrBoom+, but most damage manipulations and difficult sections were made in XDRE 2.20

------ Comments ------

The first map in Eternal Doom which I would classify as a hard map. It has long route, complex sections and a small weapon variety. I was arguing about the lack of Chaingun/Rocket Launcher during my TAS of Map 2. So now I regret I wasn't given a BFG! Even a single shot would be nice =)

This TAS comes as an improvement of Andy Olivera's TAS (in 9:33) by over 4 minutes! When I watched it, I found it decent because it looks like an OK TAS, but, since it was his final demo before he had moved from TASDOOM to XDRE, there are plenty of slow sections.

At the very beginning, instead of run rushing to the Rocket Launcher in the west side and fighting 2 Barons of Hell, I activated linedefs that trigger zombies to teleport close to me and ran to the door in the south-east. With some minor manipulations, I made both Cacodemons (things 12, 13) to fight with other monsters. In a while, so was made with a Baron of Hell (thing 78) and a Mancubus (thing 47).

Then I got the Rocket Launcher (RL) and teleported to the backstage of the pool room. The rest of the route is similar though I cleaned two chambers (guarded by things 381, 382 and 369, 370) as a last resort, when all the southern part of the map was devestated.

The room with 6 Heavy Weapon Dudes (HWD) and a megaspeare was completely done in XDRE to prevent myself from misfiring.

The room with 2 Arachnotrons where you lift down the red key could be improved. HWDs in the hidden room attacked each other in my test run that would save some time, but fortunately they teleported to me while I was killing everyone in the room with the red key.

I skipped linedef 974 to perform additional wallrunning trick in Red Skull's section, but I didn't manage to kill all 3 imps (things 347, 348, 349) because one of them runs to the teleport as soon as I get close to him.

The Blue Skull's section was done with RL instead of SSG to save some more time.

Cyberdemon's section is slow in my opinion. I was planning to make all Barons of Hell attack the Cyberdemon. As soon as he killed the offender, he moved to me though there were 2 more Barons attacking him. That section was also made in XDRE to deal high damage from every rocket. I was really annoyed when my rocket dealt 20 damage to Cyberdemon because he doesn't receive rocket splash damage (almost).

I decided to kill myself at the end. However, I saved only 3 tics of doing so. Maybe it was better to stay alive and make a Hollywood-style final when the Main Hero ends up being barely alive after a huge trouble, wasn't it? If someone was wondering about hero's face when he dies - here you can see it. It looks repulsive.

Overall time: 5:11 (311.14)

------ Possible improvements ------

1. Kill a Hell Knight (thing 305) quicker. When I was fighting him, I got SO BAD RNG that I switched to SSG and shot him.

2. Make HWDs (things 340-343) to infight.

3. Make Cyberdemon fight more Barons of Hell.

4. Kill Baron of Hell (thing 354) faster. I spend 7 rockets on him because of extemely long range. I had to come closer.

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#55677887208029146 - Doom: Back to Saturn X E1 - Full UV-Speed TAS (+ encode)
24btsx3246.lmp (278kB lmp movie [DOOM])
Uploaded 2019-06-04 10:51:15 by Dimon12321 (36 files)
For DOOM Doom II: Hell on Earth (5 files)
In 33:51.51 [71109 frames], 0 rerecords)
1086 views, 137 downloads
  • Skill 3
  • 1 players

(Link to video)

Discussion topic is here: http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=484870

WAD: Back to Saturn X E1: Get Out Of My Stations 1.1.4

Filename: btsx_e1 (2017)

Tags: UV-Speed, D2ALL, TAS

Source port: PrBoom+

Playback command: <Your PrBoom+ directory that ends with prboom-plus.exe> -complevel 2 -skill 4 -file btsx_e1a.wad btsx_e1b.wad -playdemo 24btsx3246.lmp

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#28997585942901671 - Doom is part of my heritage, and this is a surviving file
octfac51.lmp (34.1kB lmp movie [DOOM])
Uploaded 2016-02-18 21:31:13 by dwangoAC (41 files)
For DOOM Doom II: Hell on Earth (5 files)
In 00:03.11 [109 frames], 0 rerecords)
5507 views, 654 downloads
  • Skill 79
  • 4 players
  • Warning: Starts from map 77
  • Note: Fast monsters active
  • Warning: nomonsters active
octfac51.zip is still around courtesy of http://www.doomworld.com/mellow/bots.shtml on his https://www.doomworld.com/3ddownloads/mellow/ page.

Run with doombot using the following arguments:

-deathmatch -warp 1 -skill 5 -ctf -file ikbastex.wad octf.wad -nodes octf.nod +teamplay 1 -playdemo octfac51 +exec ctfteam.cfg %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7

Now, this is so archaic that it would be a miracle if anyone managed to get it to work and it probably isn't worth it but I didn't want to lose this. Enjoy, if you dare!

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