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#55785055604970913 - Mars608 & aiqiyou's NES Contra "pacifist" in 08:49.56
TAS-Contra-pacifist V2.1.fm2 (715kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2019-06-09 06:41:13 by HappyLee (4 files)
For NES Contra (2 files)
In 08:49.56 [31826 frames], 47334 rerecords)
3506 views, 353 downloads
Updated: double suicide with the final boss.
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#8940885000663654 - Gryzor WIP (very first screen)
MESHUGGAH_Gryzor_WIPv3.fm2 (92.2kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-08-29 15:17:15 by MESHUGGAH (344 files)
For NES Contra (2 files)
In 01:08.11 [4093 frames], 8398 rerecords)
18662 views, 992 downloads
6 frames faster than published. Player 2 jumps 1 time fewer and the improvement comes from more frequent hit registers (and destroying bullets faster to shoot the next ones earlier).

The movie started from a scratch but I heavily modified the authors' strategy at 1st "boss" (that tower with a man and vulnerable at bottom box thingy) however I wouldn't be as fast as this if I wouldn't analyze their effort.

Comparison of hits (this wip vs published run) from 3582th frame

  XX––––XX-X–––XX–XX–X--XXX-X--XXX----XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (2,2,1,2,2,1,3,1,3,15)
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