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#56305028996170174 - Axiom Verge any% v2 - Vision
AxiomVerge_new_kur.ltm (30.2kB ltm movie [Linux])
Uploaded 2019-07-02 16:41:55 by keylie (111 files)
For Linux Axiom Verge (1 file)
In 29:19.1 [211092 frames], 15994 rerecords)
2249 views, 270 downloads

Version info:

libTAS version: 1.3.4

Annotation info:

Game: Axiom Verge, version 1.43, Steam, 64-bit binary.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04 amd64 with Linux kernel 4.13.0-36-generic, libTAS v1.3.2. Game executable is `/path/to/game/AxiomVerge.bin.x86_64`.

libTAS must be configurated with `Runtime > Virtual Steam client` checked and `Runtime > Recycle threads` unchecked. In `File > Executable options`, library path must be set to `/path/to/game/lib64`.

For encoding purpose, the resolution of the game can be changed in-game in the options, it does not affect sync. The options must be set by launching the game from libTAS with `Runtime > Backup savefiles in memory` unchecked, so that the options are saved on disk. Then, `Runtime > Backup savefiles in memory` is checked again and the TAS can be played back.

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