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#68796196835180389 - Kwirk Gambatte Console Verified
Kwirk (USA, Europe) 1.bk2 (14.0kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2021-01-15 05:44:41 by TiKevin83 (18 files)
For GB Kwirk (2 files)
In 15:46.33 [56522 frames], 636 rerecords)
345 views, 45 downloads
resync of http://tasvideos.org/4105M.html to work on the Gambatte-Speedrun BizHawk core, this resync file successfully console verified using GBI-SR with the Game Boy Player. Final time by the GBI timestamp export was 15:43.49.
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#48677135130874164 - Kwirk speedrun
Kwirk.bk2 (14.0kB bk2 movie [GB])
Uploaded 2018-07-24 04:06:35 by Nitrodon (1 file)
For GB Kwirk (2 files)
In 15:40.49 [56173 frames], 2219 rerecords)
2928 views, 397 downloads
Improvement to the submitted run. 3-10 is now 414 steps.
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