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#43989121867699348 - Prince of Persia (NES) WIP - First 3 levels finished
Prince of Persia (NES) WIP.bk2 (6.04kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-12-25 01:04:58 by Challenger (111 files)
For NES Prince of Persia (1 file)
In 04:20.99 [15685 frames], 13990 rerecords)
4470 views, 531 downloads
184 frames ahead of the published TAS (also one of oldest runs of this site).

Level 1 - 117 frames faster

- 100 frames saved by regaining control during the get sword jingle. The rest of the frames is for better optimization.

Level 2 - 2 frames faster

- Actually 3 frames saved on the 2nd guard room, but 1 frame lost later.

Level 3 - 64 frames faster

- After the skeleton path, better optimization on the following rooms.

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