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Movies for NES Rambo

#63701142567996088 - Rambo Finished
Rambo.bk2 (21.7kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2020-05-30 18:46:07 by Memory (79 files)
For NES Rambo (4 files)
In 16:39.74 [60083 frames], 32509 rerecords)
1225 views, 145 downloads
TAS of rambo that completes the game, uploading to userfiles to share with dave_dfwm for feedback.
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#63479847765337933 - Rambo WIP
Rambo.bk2 (22.5kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2020-05-20 19:34:58 by Memory (79 files)
For NES Rambo (4 files)
In 16:50.24 [60714 frames], 17744 rerecords)
1247 views, 152 downloads
Rambo improvement wip, 243ish frames saved over current submission up to about frame 16140.
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#63473280776366799 - Rambo Damage Strategy thing
Rambo Damage Strategy thing.bk2 (22.6kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2020-05-20 12:29:06 by Memory (79 files)
For NES Rambo (4 files)
In 16:53.86 [60932 frames], 13345 rerecords)
1235 views, 148 downloads
Saves 10 frames at around frame 10670. Also incorporates Arc's improvement at the beginning of the game and my other improvement. Causes RNG to change so it desyncs on the next screen, but this seems worth investigating further.
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#63453595347843443 - Rambo 2 frame improvement
Rambo.bk2 (22.7kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2020-05-19 15:12:29 by Memory (79 files)
For NES Rambo (4 files)
In 16:54.1 [60946 frames], 12737 rerecords)
1253 views, 150 downloads
Change is at frame 08108, removing two frames of right input allows for you to move all later input two frames later with 0 sync issues. Additional improvements are likely possible.
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