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#10107899443029896 - Ys I Complete - Dark Fact, No Silver Sword
DarkFactNoSilverSword.wtf (89.6kB wtf movie [Windows])
Uploaded 2013-10-21 04:39:08 by Korzic (9 files)
In 03:09.1 [11346 frames], 4746 rerecords)
5981 views, 565 downloads
Recorded with Hourglass r81, using the Japanese version of the game. Starts from this save file, downloadable here:


Do be aware that even though the save file it plays from is #32, the load screen started on page 1, file #0. In addition, the walk/run settings were changed beforehand to hold Shift to walk, so make sure that's configured properly before attempting to play this (the setting resets itself every time the disc is removed from the drive). Also, I doubt it matters for this movie, but just in case, Time Attack was also enabled before recording.

Anyway, wow, I can hardly believe this is possible. It's certainly not meant to be doable, and the only reason is due to a glitch that allows you to double-hit him, but only have 1 hole appear each time. Even so, it's extremely difficult due to space constraints, so that's why I usually chose to attack him along the right-hand edges (gives a little more room compared to attacking him along the left - though I'm unsure if this is absolutely necessary). The Silver Shield and Silver Armor are also technically unnecessary, but I equipped them as an extra precaution for when space got really tight.

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