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User movie #12590050333964845

#12590050333964845 - Solar Jetman. No initial reset version.
SJ_FRK_NoReset.fm2 (1.30MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-02-09 23:28:42 by FatRatKnight (242 files)
For NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (21 files)
In 16:25.16 [59207 frames], 16347 rerecords)
12167 views, 916 downloads
We're having trouble syncing my Solar Jetman TAS on console. If this version works, I'll slap my headband. This version omits the initial reset and inserts 512 frames, all of which ended up being lag that doesn't read the controller.

There should be two blank non-lag frames followed by a start press on the third non-lag frame.

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