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User movie #13670011904558976

#13670011904558976 - Chrono Trigger any% no corruption -> Lavos shell skip
Chrono Trigger_shell_skip.bkm (26.4MB bkm movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-03-30 14:45:07 by keylie (104 files)
For SNES Chrono Trigger (21 files)
In 2:14:51.27 [486276 frames], 24681 rerecords)
12303 views, 704 downloads
I managed to reproduce the Lavos shell skip. However, I didn't know which setup I need for the elixir glitch, which is faster to do before the skip :( So now, I need to determine everything for the elixir glitch and probably do the shell skip again. It's really not hexedit frendly because it's based on making the game lag to make the other characters behind.
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