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#13715645762272053 - Chrono Trigger elixir glitch (savestate with glitch)
glitch.lsmv (155kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2014-04-01 16:04:31 by keylie (105 files)
For SNES Chrono Trigger (21 files)
In 01:38.5 [5920 frames], 1 rerecord)
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LSMV begins from dirty SRAM

Generated by lsnes-rr2-beta18

Savestate to try to analyse/disassemble the behaviour of the elixir glitch. This glitch consists on equiping the GreenDream (auto-revive) on one character and have the entire party wiped out. Occasionally, when the character with the GreenDream is revived, the menu will be messed up and you can launch items on enemies. Launching an elixir on Lavos is an insta-kill (HP overflow probably). The problem is to make the glitch happen. It is very rare and sensible to a lot of factors: battle start RNG (for enemy attacks, ATB start, criticals, etc.), equipments, timing of commands... :(

This savestate is just before the Inner Lavos fight, and the glitch will happen. You can see it working if Crono lies down for a few frames after being revived. I also provide some savestates where the glitch does not happen by changing something.

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