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#15553242719816185 - NG1 pacifisting WIP70v5
NG1_pacifist_WIP70v5-compact.fm3 (92.3kB fm3 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-06-23 10:14:14 by MESHUGGAH (344 files)
For NES Ninja Gaiden (127 files)
In 11:37.93 [41945 frames], 140518 rerecords)
14451 views, 819 downloads
  • 1 frame saved on 2-2 3rd screen by better positioning (enemy subposes)
  • 4 frames saved on 3-2 with better subposes on 3-1 and different positoning. For birdy, we need 1110 pos on my marker. Any bigger value will make birdy off screen or slower on second boost, just like sacrificing from it.

Everything looks great, next problem: 4-1 bitch.

  • Her "ticks" is at ~60 when approaching, we would need ~9-11 frames to get over her, probably a few more to avoid the knife too...
  • Despawning is too long (not enough enemies), something 9 frames slower than "good bitch" route.

Since I can't see any place to improve, I guess I continue with the despawn route.

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