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User movie #15564244837753124

#15564244837753124 - NG1 pacifisting WIP72v6
NG1_pacifist_WIP72v6-compact.fm3 (89.0kB fm3 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-06-23 22:07:43 by MESHUGGAH (344 files)
For NES Ninja Gaiden (127 files)
In 11:37.9 [41943 frames], 142940 rerecords)
14471 views, 808 downloads
3-2 (double birdy boost level)
  • 8 frames saved by avoiding damage boost and dodging bullets instead with half pixel interrupts (timing is important since we need to fire and wait for 2 bullets)
  • 2 frames gained because of timer rule, so boss length isn't improved


  • 2 frames saved by better despawning bitch while keeping cheetah away, missile guy a half pixel away and not let spawn bullet guy's 4th bullet to go for the walljumping route

While 4-1 looks clumsy, it took a while to glue everything into 1 route with minimalized sacrifices. Probably 2 frames lost because of the time rule.

Next plans: 4-2 looks despawn friendly. Going to play with next levels and then reoptimize it from earlier levels.

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