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#16056749041711739 - Treasure Master - No Health Underflow WIP1
TMNoHealthUnderflow.fm2 (95.1kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-07-16 02:27:02 by Samsara (65 files)
For NES Treasure Master (8 files)
In 01:47.69 [6472 frames], 20848 rerecords)
7502 views, 817 downloads
This won't be completed for a while, but it was highly requested so I figured I'd at least start it. This is only a second slower than the published run up to this point, even though the boots are collected. There are two more rope boosts that I missed in the published run, so there may be an improvement to the health underflow run in the future, depending on how easily I can implement these two rope boosts and whether or not some of the other ideas I have will work.

The rerecord count is, again, carried over from previous files. I'll edit it away as soon as I remember to.

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