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User movie #21207601259368312

#21207601259368312 - Spawning Reznor from the brown platform
Reznor-from-plataform[SAVESTATE].lsmv (110kB lsmv movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2015-03-05 01:44:09 by Amaraticando (21 files)
For SNES Super Mario World (41 files)
In 06:47.68 [24501 frames], 2206 rerecords)
23252 views, 594 downloads
I was just spitting the null sprite from random places when this happened.

EDIT 2: This the movie file and the anchor savestate file, Lsnes can work like that. Go to File > Load > Movie and select this file. After that, go to File > Load > State and select this file again, so the anchor state will be loaded.

Playing this movie from the beginning will result in a desync, because I used some cheats in Yoshi Island 2. Those cheats, however, have no influence in Yoshi Island 3.

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