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User movie #22046959386399204

#22046959386399204 - NES Rad Racer - Finished in 74095 frames
RadRacer_FRK_v1.fm2 (1.06MB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-04-11 20:57:14 by FatRatKnight (242 files)
For NES Rad Racer (9 files)
In 20:32.89 [74095 frames], 13840 rerecords)
9058 views, 734 downloads
I chose to get to the ending as fast as I know how, rather than ending input early. I will be sure to produce an 'end input early' movie to avoid someone being silly with "I beat you faster by trimming off the end frames."

This should beat Saturn's run by a pretty fair margin. If I choose to submit this run, I'll be sure to fill it with subtitles first.


  • Course 1: 1319
  • Course 2: 2018
  • Course 3: 1979
  • Course 4: 1635
  • Course 5: 1161
  • Course 6: 1449
  • Course 7: 1744
  • Course 8: 1366

Note that this file has a bunch of rerecords added, since I messed up somewhere and didn't keep the original .fm3 intact, so I used what I had stored in an .fm2 to restore this movie. As a result, the rerecords of my second attempt on course 1 is added to this file.

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