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#22202816332864552 - NES Rad Racer - More advanced lua HUD (v3)
RadRacer_v3.lua (13.5kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-04-18 21:24:41 by FatRatKnight (242 files)
For NES Rad Racer (9 files)
9219 views, 729 downloads
This may be the final version, depending on whether I try to improve my TAS later.

Not a lot was added, though. I did figure out the numbers behind bouncing off cars, and now I color things fabulously. Also, the script has its separate calculations to work out the piecewise function behind steering speed. And lastly, I think I found some more precise info on the road curve, but that still needs further work.

Anyway, to recap this HUD:

Top: CPU car info

  • Top row: ID, timer left to respawn, max timer to respawn
  • Left column: Speed, base spawn speed, RNG spawn speed, predicted speeds
  • Upper-right region: Distance, sub-distance, lane offset, sub-offset
  • Lower-right region: Lane change frame timer, unknown, visbility

Right: RNG list; If it's not inside the cycle, a new list is shown

Game HUD, left side:

  • Game frame counter (decimal) (Purpose: record keeping)
  • Game frame counter (hexadecimal) (Purpose: Timing TAS-related stuff)
  • Time remaining

Game HUD, left of tachometer: Info about curves. Needs analysis.
Game HUD, below tachometer: Left/right position and sub-position; Steering power
Game HUD, right of tachometer: Car bounce speed and subpixel
Game HUD, below speedometer: Speed and sub-speed
Game HUD, below progress meter: Distance traveled, distance lost, distance left

The last number on the right side is the course ID. And the extending line between HUD and road display is a visual representation of how much of the current course is done.

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