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#22258475716248466 - NES Gauntlet - Paints ID numbers script.
Gauntlet.lua (5.89kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-04-21 09:34:14 by FatRatKnight (242 files)
For NES Gauntlet (5 files)
9959 views, 826 downloads
Most of this script is the DrawNum function. The tiny bit at the bottom of the code is the interesting part.

All it does is try to find objects on screen and paints hexadecimal numbers: ID number of object and the spare number the object may use. It does, however, spot all the walls that might disappear when shot or a flashing tile is touched.

In other news, foda's run syncs just fine in FCEUX. There's a surprising detail in that dragon is immune to damage if currently throwing fire.

I have no clue why I just analyzed this game. I don't believe I'll make notable improvements.

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