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User movie #22820369846398997

#22820369846398997 - Zelda glitched
Zelda TAS glitched-compact_v3.fm3 (466kB fm3 movie [FDS])
Uploaded 2015-05-16 16:53:33 by TASeditor (180 files)
For NES The Legend of Zelda (10 files)
In 03:55.93 [14179 frames], 43607 rerecords)
14372 views, 1153 downloads
Branch 0 contains finished run.
Branch 2 and 3 prevent crashing after item glitch, but the cave to 9th level isn't opened.
The item glitch is achieved by executing 6C 9A B3 in Link's and Enemy 1 and 2's Y positions.
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