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User movie #23674760598983325

#23674760598983325 - nightmare before christmas(J) - wip4.2.2
NMBC(Japan).bk2 (532kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2015-06-24 04:21:31 by TehBerral (68 files)
In 10:06.72 [36238 frames], 11296 rerecords)
9191 views, 408 downloads
Due to a miscalculation with the damage I would have to take in the Pumpkin Patch I had to redo the exit out of Dr. Finklestein's lab.

On the bright side I took an extra 20+ frames to pick up the extra needed health (in the room outside of the Snake room), yet I leave the area only 12 frames slower. I found a couple small optimizations on the last few screens.

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