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#23780572500404556 - MIB-hardmode-wip1 lvl1-2
Men in Black - The Series (USA, Europe).bk2 (3.03kB bk2 movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2015-06-28 22:43:30 by TehBerral (68 files)
In 02:06.66 [7565 frames], 6113 rerecords)
9233 views, 398 downloads
I decided to restart the TAS after all on Bizhawk 1.10.0 after I realized that I should've picked hard mode for the last WIP. The only thing it affects is that there are more enemies thrown about and some of them (not all) have higher HP. Sometimes a whopping 2 HP!

Also Treblor actually aims at J during the mini-boss fight in Manhattan.

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