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#24005181277885495 - [PSX] MegaMan X6「ロックマンX6」"Any% JP" TAS in 34:57.20 by Rockman The EXE
Rockman X6 (J) [TAS].pjm (4.59MB pjm movie [PSX])
Uploaded 2015-07-09 01:29:34 by Rockman The EXE (2 files)
For PSX Mega Man X6 (15 files)
In 39:21.82 [141709 frames], 304 rerecords)
14271 views, 839 downloads
Rockman The EXE played Rockman X6 "Any% JP" TAS in 34:57.20.


  • Hardest difficulty.
  • Aims for fastest time. (not much)
  • Takes damage to save time. (But don't overdo in Extreme Mode cuz emeny don't drop health)
  • Manipulates luck. (not much)

About The Game: This game is Rockman game which was rushed (Because of Capcom ran out of money), with untranslated voices and bad translation, include glitches in *English version. Some bosses were poorly designed and look like a mess as well. Some stages are also poorly designed, being impossible to pass with the wrong armor or character, or structure randomization. The difficulty of the game is very hard, even on Normal. Things exist just to kill you, that's for sure. Not to mention that Xtreme mode turns entire stages into enemy soup.

About The Run: There are 3 ways to reach the fortress stages:

  • Beat all 8 Mavericks. (Only for TAS "All Stages" or "100%")
  • Beat High Max in a secondary area. (Beat Nightmare Zero to unlocked High Max)
  • Obtain 3000 Nightmare Souls. (The same

The second method is fastest, but requires beating a Maverick, since High Max requires a special weapon in order to be damaged. Along the way, the run obtains Zero.

This is the route used:

  • Intro Stage (X)
  • Commander Yammark (X, Need Yammar Option to speed up Mijinion Stage)
  • Infinity Mijinion (X) (Secondary Area)
  • Infinity Mijinion (X) (Secondary Area)
  • Gate's Lab 1 (Zero, Without the Blame Armor can't pass the wall with stripes only Double Jumps can passed)
  • Gate's Lab 2 (X, Only X can changed Special Weapon)
  • Sigma (Zero)

Weapons, mechanics, and other stuff: Yammar Option is a useful weapon, as it gives Zero a ranged attack. Furthermore, X can easily hit enemies with the charged attack, and by wobbling so that the fireflies go in and out of the target, it hits the enemy repeatedly, assuming no invincibility period.

Contact is strange in this game. Apparently an attack only makes contact if no other attacks are in it (hence the need to wobble with Yammar Option). This is also related to the main SDC method in this run, which does 2 damage every 5 frames.

As in all other PSX Rockman games, X can use both a special weapon and X-Buster at the same time.

Duck dashing and saber climbing are tricks that saved time during the run. Saber climbing, which X can only use, eliminates X's recoil from the wall when jumping.

Final Stats:

  • Nightmare Souls obtained: 0 (this has to be wrong, actually it only count souls from bosses)

  • Reploids rescued: 7

  • Clear time: 17:58 (Cuz Gate and High Max wasting my time)

  • X Rank: C

  • Zero Rank: D

  • Note:
  • Because of both company also was rushed, the glitches in the game was never fix in the English Verion. So there no reason why I should play the English or Japanese version, but since the audio are Japanese so I decided to play the JP Version.
  • This run is just for testing so sorry for my horrible run, I'll do a new one A.S.A.P
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