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User movie #26957074315735331

#26957074315735331 - Dragster
Dragster.bk2 (1.20kB bk2 movie [A2600])
Uploaded 2015-11-19 00:02:19 by DwainiumB (22 files)
In 00:08.06 [483 frames], 874 rerecords)
6922 views, 379 downloads
Is this beatable? I got a 5.57, same as Scepheo, used slightly different inputs.
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By Samsara On 2015-11-19 00:45:30
It's beatable, 5.51 is the unassisted record and literally only one person has ever achieved it. Having slightly different input for a 5.57 should help get closer, though.

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