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#30372306256252707 - Holy Diver WIP - stage 2 room 2 finished
HolyDiver-WIP3.bk2 (3.78kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-04-20 19:22:59 by Vatchern (2 files)
For NES Holy Diver (2 files)
In 02:21.78 [8521 frames], 1375 rerecords)
5175 views, 660 downloads
Update on the Holy Diver WIP.

Updated the stage 1 boss fight since posting my last WIP. saved an extra 16 frames for a total of 48 frames saved in stage 1.

Stage 2: Room 1: Saved 5 frames in room one, along with avoided a few hits.

Room 2: saved 21 frames by delaying blizzard spell activation so I only have to destroy one block.

Ahead now by 74 frames over the current published run.

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