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#3117552187364601 - PolariumSolverV6.0.1
PolariumSolverV6.lua (30.5kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2012-12-10 09:09:13 by partyboy1a (14 files)
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This program does a brute-force search for solutions for Polarium. It uses some features to eliminate worthless solutions:

- "battle": is looking for solutions covering exactly the same tiles, having the same (current) endpoint, having the last two directions identical. Only keeps the lowest score.

- remove unsolvables: obvious, can be improved for sure.doesn't make use of parity for example.

- remove needlessly complicated: disallow wasting the border. currently missing the special case about edges.

- remove bad starting points: we can safely assume that the starting point always has a "better" row/col - position than the endpoint.

- remove too bad score: don't brute-force through the solutions if we already found the shortest solution, and the score of the current puzzle is bigger than the currently lowest score for a solution.

V6.0.1: bug fixed: program now also finds the shortest solution for stage 34, which involves doing the first step onto a row from outside.

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