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User movie #31253382261005855

#31253382261005855 - Tekken 3: The Return of 8"80 (Or not. Read Edit.)
Tekken3-TheReturnofYoshimitsu.bk2 (3.93kB bk2 movie [PSX])
Uploaded 2016-05-30 11:41:31 by Spikestuff (224 files)
For PSX Tekken 3 (17 files)
In 02:18.87 [8234 frames], 4028 rerecords)
12141 views, 509 downloads
BizHawk: 1.11.6
Bios: SCPH5501

Was out of general curiosity, to see if I can keep the focus on IGT as well as knocking down the TAStime too.

This won't be submitted due to it reaching the same IGT (which will never change).

No encode will be provided, DO NOT provide an encode.

Edit: Found out under a year later, that this is an 8"85 for some damn reason. When I completed it, it was infact an 8"80. So something goofed.

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