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User movie #31939922328839534

#31939922328839534 - NG1 pacifisting WIP100v2
NG1_pacifist_WIP102v2.fm2 (608kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-06-30 09:44:13 by MESHUGGAH (344 files)
For NES Ninja Gaiden (127 files)
In 11:29.96 [41466 frames], 170549 rerecords)
10779 views, 806 downloads
  • Implemented Scumtron's half pixel save successfully (2 frames)
  • Stage 4-1 improved by 8 frames thanks to a 2 in 1 manipulation of a bullet guy and the dog and a good knife bitch
  • Stage 4-2 loses 7 frames (from 10 frames improvement) because of bad knife bitch and birdy

Unfortunately it's also desyncs at 4-3 first knife bitch. Not sure if it's possible to sacrfice some frames to get a better knife bitch and/or birdy.

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