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User movie #32086266050401764

#32086266050401764 - Ninja Gaiden 39103 WIP
scumtron-39103-meshuggah.fm2 (707kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-07-06 23:54:44 by Scumtron (10 files)
For NES Ninja Gaiden (127 files)
In 10:50.64 [39103 frames], 81489 rerecords)
8411 views, 660 downloads
Stage 5-6 from 39110 WIP pasted onto Meshuggah's stage 4 changes with a few tweaks to sync things up again.

  • 5-1: Attacks on frames 22761, 23014 delayed one frame to fix slots 5 & 6 subpix values so 2nd bird-boost works.
  • 6-1: Jumps/attack changed before axe-tosser to avoid axe
  • 6-2A: Check out that club that Ryu nearly runs into. Scary!
  • 6-2B: Jumps/attack changed so tossed axe gets killed and fixes xsub for booster enemy 2 screen ahead
  • 6-2D: Less windmill action for now, $BF causes ghoul to stand in the way
  • 6-2E: Tosser still not cooperating, so still losing 1 frame to get through here. Adjusting spawn iterator (interrupt@33781) in dead frames on platform jumps isn't quite enough to fix it either.
  • 6-3C: disc-guy killed one frame earlier so the bird cooperates. (xsub again)

I still haven't looked at the 4-2 changes closely. Not expecting to improve it, but I should probably at least know that for myself

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