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User movie #32411384530962479

#32411384530962479 - NG1 pacifisting WIP118
NG1_pacifist_WIP118-compact.fm3 (92.7kB fm3 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2016-07-21 15:18:56 by MESHUGGAH (344 files)
For NES Ninja Gaiden (127 files)
In 11:31.93 [41584 frames], 176244 rerecords)
10351 views, 690 downloads
Syncs up to 6-1 start.
  • 1 frame saved on 5-3 1st screen by jumping longer from the floor. With different positioning, it's possible to make a very long interrupt sequence (while riding up on the wall), making slot4 (edit: 4th screen bat) positions better, but this way the 3rd screen improvement will be lost.
  • 1 frame saved on 5-3 2nd screen by faster landing on the ladder platform
  • 1 frame saved on 5-3 3rd screen start because better slot 7

edit: other possible improvement would be different positoning on 4th screen.

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