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User movie #35478926070162307

#35478926070162307 - SAI v3.1 1-4
Super Adventure Island (USA) v3_1.bk2 (33.7kB bk2 movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2016-12-06 18:51:35 by TASeditor (180 files)
For SNES Super Adventure Island (3 files)
In 16:01.08 [57760 frames], 253943 rerecords)
6712 views, 621 downloads
Totally 78f faster than v3, 520f than published.
1-3 is 3f faster than v3.1 WIP due to better lag reduction.
1-4 is 10f faster than v3 due to better pushdown and added landing boosts.
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