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User movie #38477628468687379

#38477628468687379 - (GBA) Mario Golf: Advance Tour, cleared Mushroom Tourney
MGAT_EllaRightHand_TestRun.bk2 (56.2kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-04-20 19:59:58 by FatRatKnight (239 files)
In 38:08.83 [136706 frames], 18824 rerecords)
2637 views, 62 downloads
This is a test run. Route information:
  • Does not Give Up any holes
    • As a side-effect, this maximizes EXP for higher levels
  • Fetches the Super POW
    • Costs a bit under 2 minutes to do
  • No attempt at optimizations, accepting the first chip-in I got, largely

Basically, I maximized Ella's distance as far as it will go. Out of all the Par 4 holes throughout the entire game, only a single one during Links was possible to get in one stroke, though another in Mushroom Tourney was close. As for whether the added distance of Super POW is worth the 2 minutes, that's hard to say. This is a test run, after all.

I'm given the impression Neil can reach a fair number more Par 4 holes in one fewer shot. However, there are times in later holes where I felt the low Height was needed for any sort of reasonable speed, and it's likely that Neil's Height will destroy our speediness, whether it saves a bunch a strokes or not.

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