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User movie #40422006888185956

#40422006888185956 - Zook Man ZX4 - s4 small change
ZM_s4seg7-1px.bk2 (43.0kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-07-17 09:34:33 by FatRatKnight (239 files)
For GBA Zook Man ZX4 (141 files)
In 18:28.6 [66214 frames], 23579 rerecords)
1970 views, 62 downloads
Stage 4, end of Segment 6. Some time before that last ladder of the stage.

Didn't like making that jump at all. Not after the Flame Charge, and not before it either. Let's get rid of it entirely!

This did mean I needed to adjust my dash, throwing away two pixels so that I remain on the platform for one more pixel. This was exactly enough for a turnaround landing after Flame Charge.

From there, I spent some saved frames by avoiding save platform lag, as otherwise the frame rule would eat my savings,

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