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User movie #40699292099763248

#40699292099763248 - Wizards & Warriors III v5 WIP 02
WW3_v5_WIP02.fm2 (237kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2017-07-29 21:16:44 by Dacicus (25 files)
For NES Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros: Visions of Power (14 files)
In 04:12.0 [15145 frames], 17620 rerecords)
4213 views, 630 downloads
Extends the previous WIP to the fight with the boss of the second thief guild. Input from the published run was copied over, but a lot of testing was required to fix Kuros's X-subpixel position ($02D4). I finally got it somewhat close (off by 0x0F at important points) by replacing input with blank frames at frames 10711-10712, 10721-10722, and 11090-11091. The first two spots were while walking back through the room with the guardian, and the third was while making a jump between buildings.

Frame numbers of key points in the update (published move -> WIP):

  10984 -> 10784: Leave building with silver thief statue ($00B6 = 0x19)
  12002 -> 11802: Land on ledge with thief 3 guild flashing guardian
  12405 -> 12205: Enter thief 2 guild ($00B6 = 0x3C)
  12863 -> 12663: Enter thief 2 trial ($00B6 = 0x63)
  15341 -> 15141: Thief 2 boss health loads ($049F = 0x10)
Total frames saved = 200
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