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User movie #40727297950563877

#40727297950563877 - Zook Man ZX4 - s13 wall jump starter success
ZM_s13WallJumpStart.bk2 (48.3kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2017-07-31 03:32:56 by FatRatKnight (239 files)
For GBA Zook Man ZX4 (141 files)
In 20:58.63 [75175 frames], 29574 rerecords)
2028 views, 81 downloads
I hope I understood the branches right. Should be one that clears the start of s13 by wall jump rather than ladder. Another frame rule over ThunderAxe31's successful try.

You know, reveal a potential, and I end up exploring it. And then I come back after I turn the potential into something. Boss has not been synced, that still needs to be taken care of.

Some black magic with wall jumps were involved. I suspect frame rules, but it seems the apex of a wall jump actually has different velocities depending on what frame you wall jumped. I merely delayed it two frames, and got the exact black magic pixel we needed. Oh, and a short dash so I wall jump from just one pixel further. I think it was needed.

Once things become difficult to find, I don't get to them. As others are still scanning over it, each thing that is found can then be analyzed by me, and results can still happen.

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