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User movie #41607858540623719

#41607858540623719 - WSWAN GGP2 WIP19
GGP2WSWAN-WIP19.bk2 (5.35kB bk2 movie [WSWAN])
Uploaded 2017-09-08 19:18:02 by MESHUGGAH (344 files)
For WSWAN Guilty Gear Petit 2 (4 files)
In 02:29.67 [11296 frames], 7046 rerecords)
4813 views, 348 downloads
  • the game seems to be compact, as in, there are no random lag frame differences or what so ever (good thing) edit2: I was wrong WIP19b with random 1 lag frame f8359 in this movie
  • enemy manipulation starts right after LET'S ROCK

possible manipulations:

  • 4 frames to append 2, empty, empty, empty (doesn't works on every enemy)
  • 11 frames to append S .... b ... (fastest pause unpause)
  • 0 frames to press B right after 3 (gauge) (doesn't works on every enemy)
  • 0 frames to positioning, running and dashing

edit: movie desyncs after fanny I guess This movie uses Jam and manipulates her with the 4 frame way.

  • 1 frame lost because of this
  • many frames won because of fighting Fanny
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