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User movie #42865558898069062

#42865558898069062 - Devil Island - Hitboxes and Watches v1.3
Devil Island - Hitboxes and Watches v1.3.lua (5.05kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2017-11-04 10:40:57 by ThunderAxe31 (81 files)
For GBC Devil Island (5 files)
1255 views, 137 downloads
This script displays on screen:

  • Player absolute X position
  • Player absolute X lagged frames (counter resets at 9999)
  • Player money
  • Player experience points
  • Experience points left for next attack level
  • Current attack level
  • Player HP
  • Enemy HP
  • Drops content
  • Hitboxes of everything except D1 boss and final boss body

Also note that the watches will disappear while the pause menu is open!

This is probably going to be the final version. Enjoy!

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