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User movie #44378127928492667

#44378127928492667 - Pokemon Black 2 testrun WIP
PERFECTIV.dsm (8.18MB dsm movie [DS])
Uploaded 2018-01-11 13:32:20 by Masterjun (18 files)
In 1:28:27.92 [317552 frames], 12017 rerecords)
8475 views, 643 downloads
A testrun from 5 years ago (2013-02-11) which I worked on for like a year, played on the US version on DeSmuME 0.9.8.

I didn't really do any planning ahead (which you should certainly do for a Pokemon TAS), and it also desyncs right before the 2nd gym [frame ~89920, so after 24:58 minutes] (which is unfortunate, as I TASed until the 5th one or so). :(
(Maybe it can be saved by hex editing, I never tried)

As you can tell from the filename, the starter (Tepig) has perfect IVs, so 31 in each stat.

The battles were heavily RNG manipulated to ensure critical hits and high damage rolls (and low ones for opponents).
Though I forgot about Blaze strats, so that's another thing.

The first trainer after the 1st gym is where I manipulated my starter to get Pokerus (it should be possible to manipulate it earlier, I just forgot about it).

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