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#45895479489033243 - [A2600] Decathlon - 3 bugs & 1 softlock
Decathlon (1983) (Activision) [!] Pole Vault - Max score(softlock).bk2 (18.4kB bk2 movie [A2600])
Uploaded 2018-03-20 21:33:52 by ViGadeomes (6 files)
In 20:01.05 [71970 frames], 1904 rerecords)
1768 views, 105 downloads
I wanted to know what was the highest point at the Pole Vault we can reach, but the game was broken before with the score and the vertical bar. I reached 21.2 At the end of the movie, it's the address of the score which softlock the event. I let you work on it if you are interested.


I don't know if a TAS of this game could be good or not. If yes, I don't know what could be the goal of the Decathlon (all events of the game)

  • max score? Since this WIP, I think it's not a good idea....
  • fastest time? I have a file for each event of the game but the slick stick controller allows us to be faster on this game and it isn't emulate on BizHawk.

I don't show all the file because it's useless :

  • 1rt clip : beginning of the score bug at 5.8 meters.
  • 2nd clip : beginning of the bar glitch ( height is defined after by your Y position ) at 7.8 meters.
  • 3rd clip : end of the movie at 21.2 meters with the softlock of the event and a weird glitch after.

(Link to video)
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