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#46508413529735318 - Pictionary - "Any%" (v2.0)
pictionary TAS 2-compact.fm3 (21.1kB fm3 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2018-04-17 12:03:09 by warmCabin (21 files)
In 02:33.75 [9240 frames], 2880 rerecords)
6306 views, 438 downloads
Whoops! I accidentally uploaded the wrong file before.

See my previous movie for some basic info.

This file beats the previous one by over 6 seconds, by improving upon it in the following ways:

The "NO," "PIN," "THINK..." sequence is much slower, even if it's the most popular one among RTA runners. According to my research, the sequence "TWINS," "SWAN," "COMEDY..." is faster by far than any other. It's over 100 frames faster than the next slowest, and about 1000 frames faster than average. My estimation techniques weren't 100% accurate, but I'm confident this is the fastest sequence, especially considering the absurdly long frame rules at play.

I had a breakthrough that allows us to get a roll of 6 on the first frame every time. All you have to do is delay typing the final letter for a couple frames; due to the 128-frame rule, the board loads on the same frame, but the RNG is different. I believe this happens because RNG is not advanced on lag frames, making the algorithm take in a totally different previous value as input.

I optimized the box stacking and fireman games a bit more. The fireman game is trivial to optimize, since all you have to do is sit still and let everyone die; just wait to press start until you get a faster sequence.

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