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User movie #4671258008844649

#4671258008844649 - Trax's Contra demo 5 Level 5
Contra demo 5 by Trax.fcm (81.1kB fcm movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-02-18 08:28:21 by Soig (22 files)
For NES Contra (8 files)
In 04:12.25 [15160 frames], 716 rerecords)
12112 views, 477 downloads
Trax has submited 5 Contra demo versions. And 6th version is being built. This is his 5th version. There is only one level in this game - 5th level. For download here.

Trax's unnamed Contra demo has a feature: Every level is so looong! I cost over 2 minutes to complete first level. Also, it is harder than native Contra game. Enemy's bullet is more and concentrated. Bomb will appear all the time.

Level 2's & level 4's last rooms are a little boring, I think. But overall map is great and playable.
I think this game is good to play and TAS. Its difficulty is suitable for TASing, too. So I upload my movie today. I TAS this in order to show how this game is. So there are some improvable places.
When this hack is finished, I'll TAS all levels and submit it to this site, if you like it.
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