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User movie #47848966849616776

#47848966849616776 - Megaman Zero3 100% - Half
01.2-MMZ3 100%WIPbyGeinuhayst.vbm (237kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2018-06-16 20:59:10 by Geinuhayst (3 files)
For GBA Mega Man Zero 3 (7 files)
In 33:43.67 [120869 frames], 27933 rerecords)
4891 views, 535 downloads
It has been a long time since I uploaded the first WIP because I've been bothered by piles of things then. But till now, I can be free to work on my movie and I will make faster progress later on.

Emulator: VBA-rr v23.6

Rate of progress: End of Anubis Necromancess V

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