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User movie #48954165955929400

#48954165955929400 - Summer (A Super Mario Bros. hack)
Summer_TAS.fm2 (161kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2018-08-05 15:32:16 by Αsumeh (31 files)
For NES Super Mario Bros. (82 files)
In 03:02.25 [10953 frames], 2124 rerecords)
27528 views, 528 downloads
This is a TAS of Summer, a cryptic and difficult Super Mario Bros. 1 ROM hack created by Mana in 2002. (Click here to download the IPS patch)

This hack may not be notable for being complex, but it requires a vast amount of skill and will sometimes force players to use glitches against their will.

I chose to upload this run to the userfiles because it beats 티어’s (Chatterbox) existing run by 20.07 seconds due to better strategies and equally improved optimization.

This is also my first time uploading a TAS of an unofficial hack of Super Mario Bros. for the NES. I did not have a clue of where to upload unofficial ROM hacks of Super Mario Bros., so I decided to upload it here. Is this okay? Opinions are always appreciated, but please do not criticize me.

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