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#49578713276367729 - 7-08 Plummet Chasm 58.06
7-07.dsm (36.9kB dsm movie [DS])
Uploaded 2018-09-02 18:34:41 by xy2_ (134 files)
For DS Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll (59 files)
In 00:23.1 [1382 frames], 747 rerecords)
3916 views, 479 downloads
Syncs on 0.9.11. Easy to tie, will be significantly less trivial to break it. I spent zero effort on the boost, so that will likely be the path to take for optimization. The more frames you spend holding up-right after the fall, the higher the angle is, but the better your speed. I chose the sharpest angle but couldn't get a 08 with this boost&fall.
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