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User movie #51293638333493752

#51293638333493752 - Super Mario Bros. “Always big, warps”
Mario1AlwaysBig_TAS.fm2 (262kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2018-11-19 00:09:01 by Αsumeh (31 files)
For NES Super Mario Bros. (93 files)
In 04:57.31 [17868 frames], 1274 rerecords)
28956 views, 553 downloads
This TAS beats the game as Big Mario instead of Small Mario thanks to a ROM hack created by AP. Because of that, entertainment was changed, but optimization hasn't.

This was originally going to be a 21-frame improvement over HappyLee's run due to a faster clip in World 1-2, but I lost that time back from bad Bullet Bill manipulation in World 8-2. Hopefully, that issue will be resolved when I (or any professional SMB1 TAS'ers) get to the run.

This run also syncs with the separate Extra Version (download here), which allows Big Mario's full body to be displayed on pre-level screens and changes the mushrooms into hearts. If you'd like, however, you can download the original patch here.

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